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Henri François Joseph de Regnier 1864 - 1936

De Regnier was born in Honfleur to minor nobility and educated in law at College Stanislav in Paris destined for a diplomatic career but he turned to literature publishing early works in symbolist magazines.

He produced several volumes of poetry between 1889 and 1910, and a number of novels between 1889 and 1925. His admiration for the classical style was reflected in his poetry which was admired for its lofty and melancholic expression. He was greatly influenced by Mallarme and Leconte de Lisle but also by Jose Maria de Heredia whose daughter, Marie, he married in 1895. They parted in 1897, however.

He was awarded the Prix Vitet, a prize celebrating the poet Ludovic Vitet, by the Académie française in 1899 and was a frequent guest at the salons of the highest society.

He died in Paris at age 71.